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Parents whose kids have just started learning reading or writing may need alphabet tracing worksheets so their kids can develop their skills.

Not many people understand the importance of the worksheets – which lead to the sheets being neglected and underestimated. These worksheets are often viewed as fun, engaging, and entertaining documents for kids – and their learning process.

However, once parents understand the real facts about these worksheets, and how these worksheets can improve their kids’ learning abilities better when properly implemented, they can actually improve its functionality and usage. And you may not realize that such a worksheet can have tons of benefits and advantages.

The Importance of Learning to Write at the Early Age

Tracing Letter A Worksheets
Tracing Letter A Worksheets

Whereas most people generally think that communication is related to talking and listening, writing and reading are another set of skills that mustn’t be underestimated. Kids like to imitate adults. When adults (their parents) talk, they want to imitate it. That’s when they start mumbling and form words. When kids see their parents read and write, they want to do it too. They don’t really understand the letters of the words – they simply imitate what they see. This is when emergent writing starts. Emergent writing is about how young (kids) learners start to write.

Emergent writing is basically about the way these young learners start (writing). The process typically begins with scribbles. Over time, scribbles will lead to letters as these kids hone their skills in writing the letters. When they are able to learn the forms of the letters, they start turning those letters into words. Their communication skills will improve as they start linking written and spoken words.

Adults, especially parents, are basically the instrumental part to help their kids to link writing to speaking and also reading – focusing at early years or young age. They can help by encouraging the scribbles – leading and guiding them to letters. As these young learners shift from scribbles to writing (poorly) and then writing well, they basically develop their writing skills. It’s related to reading skills too as these learners know how to read from top to the bottom or from left to right. They also learn abot punctuation – and how it affects their reading.

So, why should kids start at the early age? It is an indicator about a kid’s reading ability. From 0 age to middle school, kids are like sponges. They absorb information and process everything quite fast. They learn about the important life skills as well as positive habits at these periods. That’s why it would be effective to teach them writing at this age. And this is also why alphabet tracing worksheets are considered beneficial and handy. With so many different types of exercises and worksheets, learning can be made fun. These kids won’t feel being pressured or forced, while learning new stuff in the playful manner.

So, why writing is considered very crucial?

  • Everyone uses writing in many areas of life. Many professions and jobs require us to be able to write well. It is safe to say that writing is a crucial and also essential skill in job
  • Writing is also associated with reading. If you want to be a good reader, then you need to learn writing too
  • Writing is one of the primary basis in which an individual’s learning, intellect, and work would be judged, such as in the work place, within the community, in school, and in college.
  • Writing equips and helps us with thinking and communication skills
  • Writing enables us to entertain (even help) others
  • Writing fosters and develops our ability to refine (or define) our ideas to ourselves as well as others
  • Writing can help us to understand our own lives
  • It preserves our memories and also ideas
  • It helps to express who we are (as people)
  • It makes our learning and thinking visible – and permanent

Common Obstacles in Teaching Children How to Write

When it comes to teaching writing, there are 2 major obstacles in the field:

  • Spelling and handwriting
  • Expressing ideas (in writing)

In the first problem, messy handwriting is a part of the issue. Even with alphabet tracing worksheets, kids will still struggle with creating the right form or shape. In writing, there is something we call transcription. Moreover, they may struggle with other areas, such as:

  • Writing within a straight line
  • Holding a pencil and controlling it
  • Forming the letters
  • Placing the letters on the page – and then moving to placing the words
  • Making the letters (and also words) within the proper and correct size

These are the most common issues related to early writing learning process. Parents or teachers need to reinforce patience to their kids. These issues are basically common and it’s pretty normal that the kids would experience it. The adults need to be super patience when they are dealing with the kids.

For expressing ideas, it will take place on the next stage. Once the kids have mastered the basic writing skills, then learning how to express ideas will be the next challenge. Teachers or parents can make use of the many available tools to manage this, such as graphic organizers to help them. Teaching how to express ideas would be another level in writing process.

What is Alphabet Tracing?

Tracing Letter B Worksheets
Tracing Letter B Worksheets

Alphabet tracing is basically a delicate or faint pattern or mark. It usually comes in faint and not-so-bold pattern that kids can follow to form something. They simply copy the pattern to form a form – whether it is a letter, number, or shape. In alphabet tracing worksheets, you will see many forms of them. There are worksheets for numbers, for capital letters, or for small letters. Kids can trace those ‘examples’ so they know how to properly create a certain form of letter.

Why do You Need Alphabet Tracing Worksheets?

Tracing Letter C Worksheets
Tracing Letter C Worksheets

You see, toddlers and kids love scribble so much. The seemingly simple activity has a very crucial function – it helps these toddlers to put ideas on paper and to explore their own creativity. Scribble is often referred to as pre-writing because it gets them closer to writing words and letters. When parents add tracing to their kids writing activity, it helps the kids’ pre-writing skills. It will lay a solid foundation for future writing and drawing ability.

In general, the benefits of tracing are:

  • It helps kids to refine their (pre-writing) skills. Later, it would build strong foundation for writing words (and letters) and also drawing.
  • It helps build fine motor skills, visual spatial skills, and drawing (and also creativity) skills
  • It also helps with focus and concentration
  • It helps kids learn in the most fun manner

More Benefits of Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

Tracing Number 1 Worksheets
Tracing Number 1 Worksheets

There are more benefits offered by alphabet tracing worksheets:

  • The sources are abundant. You can find them at many educational institutions. If you want to explore the net, you will even see tons of websites and sources that are offering free services. Make use of them! You will never run out of options
  • The worksheets are coming in various types and styles. Some are quite simple and plain. Some, on the other hand, can be quite complicated and complex. Some are in black and white, some are colorful. Basically, there are so many different options for the worksheets. Whether you are looking for the simple and basic, or the colorful and decorative, you should be able to find them all.
  • The worksheets are pretty versatile and flexible. You can edit them. You can include them in various exercises. The worksheets aren’t only good for tracing letters or alphabets, but you can also teach them colors and others. Use your creativity and imagination!
  • The alphabet tracing worksheets are coming in various forms. They aren’t only available in the general and traditional form on a paper, but they are also available in digital formats. Some websites are offering online system where parents can utilize their devices or gadgets – and create bonds with their kids. Electronic devices aren’t always bad. If you know how to make use of them, they can be useful and fruitful.
  • They learn about grip ability and also the proper way to manipulate the writing tools. For us, adults, holding and gripping a pencil or a pen may be easy, but that’s not so much for kids
  • Kids will develop hand and eye coordination. This is another skill that is needed for general life and task.

How to Effectively Teach Children Writing

Tracing Number 2 Worksheets
Tracing Number 2 Worksheets

You need to remember that each kid is different. They are unique in their own way. So, while some kids are okay with sitting down and then trace the numbers or letters or others quietly, some may not be okay with it. Some may be active and require some kind of physical release to be able to start up properly.

So, the first thing you want to do is to do big arm movements. They will think of it as playing but it actually strengthens their core and the entire arms. Moreover, kids begin this with 2 common positions: writing on a solid vertical surface or lying on their tummy. You can encourage them by taping sheets of paper on the window or wall. Some people use removable paint or erasable markers to do this. You will see that kids before 2 will love scribbling on the wall.

Second, you can teach them about multi-sensory writing. You are able to do it with glitter glue. They have various colors and you can use them to trace letters or shapes. They have subtle texture, but it feels nice for the kids to trace. Some glues are made with nice texture and outcome – just smoothly and fine. You can apply the glue on any surface – on a board on the wall, for instance. Aside from the method with glitter glue, you can also try the tracing cards. The kids can learn to trace the letter. You can even attach the card to a binder ring. It will make the whole learning process convenient and easy.

How to Search the Best Alphabet Tracing Worksheets Online

Tracing Number 3 Worksheets
Tracing Number 3 Worksheets

Basically, there is no formula or certain ways to find the best worksheets. However, these tips may help you find the best sources that may help you collect the worksheets you want.

  • Determine what kind of files or sources that you want. What kind of alphabet tracing worksheets would be appealing to your kids – the colorful ones, the black and white, or others? In what level of worksheet do you need? Is it for very basic learner or for the advanced one? Do you want the traditional paper form or the digital format? Do you want worksheets that you can download and print, or do you want worksheets where your kids can operate them directly on the tablet or laptop?
  • Don’t worry about exploring the internet. They have tons of sources. But don’t let this overwhelm you. When you open a site, make sure to focus on it first. Don’t be tempted to open another website until you have finished exploring the first website. You don’t want to have too many options and then be confused of which one to choose. So, open a website, explore everything, and just focus on that particular website.
  • Make sure that the worksheets are safe to download – and they are available for free. Don’t download worksheets that are forbidden. In some websites, it is still okay to download watermarked files, but not for commercial use or purpose.
  • Ask around. You can ask for reference from people you trust and you rely on. If they have educational background, it is even better.
  • Some websites also offer paid services where you can get unlimited access to resources. But ask yourself whether you are willing to spend some money for it.

Final Words

Learning doesn’t have to be difficult or lame. For kids, learning needs to be fun while still engaging and useful. The alphabet tracing worksheets can be efficient and also functional – but only if you know how to do it properly and right.

What We have Here for You

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